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Established in 1992

Established in 1992 to respond to the ever-changing transportation industry, Alliance Freight has become one of the leading third party transportation providers in America. Alliance Freight has grown over the years due to the commitment of our associates and the quality of our transportation vendor partners.

Alliance Freight Systems is uniquely qualified to offer you the most comprehensive, dynamic transportation services available. Using our extraordinary capabilities as one of the premier transportation specialists in the country, we can market your business to a wide variety of top-rated carriers. This enables our associates to provide the best transportation services at the best pricing possible for your complete transportation needs.

We recognize the importance of providing a comprehensive menu of transportation services to a diverse clientele. Our dedicated associates take pride in setting standards above and beyond our customers' expectations to ensure unparalleled transportation services worldwide.

Alliance Freight Systems is not just another transportation company. In fact, we consider ourselves "The Customer Service Specialists."

Alliance Freight Systems is a complete transportation service provider dedicated to improving the cycle times for customers and partners through creative and innovative logistical support. We specialize in dedicated fleet services as well as being a leading common carrier for hire. We are a fully licensed broker, logistics consultant and a complete safety services provider.

We have found in our Logistics partnerships that they have a positive effect on four areas at the shippers: cost, service, restructuring of supply chains, and control. You the shippers believe that efficient operations, economies of scale and scope, and provider knowledge, have had positive effects on costs and service. A structural change could be achieved in a short time, as the shipper has to make only small investments in the distribution system, which can facilitate greater changes, also gaining the shipper flexibility in capacity. By outsourcing logistics activities it is also possible to improve the measurability of cost and service performance.

We define a partnership as "a tailored business relationship based upon mutual trust, openness, shared risk, and shared rewards that yield a competitive advantage, resulting in business performance greater than would be achieved by the firms individually."

With the complexity and intensity of the business environment it is likely to mean that executives will continue to look at relationships with third-party providers as a way of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage with scarce resources. The hope is that by joining forces, both organizations will improve efficiency, boost profitability, and improve customer service. When successful, these relationships can give both parties a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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