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Intermodal Transportation

As an added dimension to our over-the-road transportation services, Alliance Freight Systems provides the most comprehensive intermodal transportation services available nationwide. Through our extensive network of service providers, your company will benefit from the cost savings, flexibility and equipment availability that "Over-the-Rail" transportation services have to offer. We utilize both 48' and 53' rail trailers, as well as 20' and 40' containers to get you freight to your customer on time every time!

Alliance Freight holds service contracts with all the major rail systems throughout the industry, enabling us to move your load from one rail-serve point to another. We offer Transload capability wherever available. We can also handle rail shipments in and out of the US, Mexico and Canada.

An Asset-Based Organization provides Alliance Freight the flexibility needed when moving materials throughout the NAFTA Region. We can move Inter-Modal boxes by rail or highway to ensure inexpensive and efficient delivery. Over 3,000 providers compliment our fleet, providing depth and door-to-door service throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

From truck to train, train to truck, Alliance Freight emphasizes choices, coordination, and cooperation, and is fully capable of handling your Inter-Modal shipping needs to help you reduce costs as well as improving your delivery times.

There's no limit to what we can ship via railcar. Whether it's coal or steel, grain or minerals, Alliance Freight can completely manage your rail needs.

We offer:

  • 48' and 53' rail trailers
  • 20' and 40' containers
  • Most comprehensive intermodal services available

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