Our Drivers

The Drivers and Equipment we Provide

Our Front Line

At Alliance Freight, our drivers are the life-blood of our company. Over the years, our success with our customers is directly related to the quality of our drivers. Our Driver Recruiters are all trained professionals, and they look for only experienced, outgoing people with a proven track record for safety and reliability.

Premium Equipment

All new dedicated accounts start with custom specified premium equipment. The average age of Alliance Freight equipment is 1 to 3 years, and our drivers care of their equipment is part of our driver review program.

Driver Recruitment and Training

New drivers must have a clean driving record, a current CDL and physical, and have been driving professionally for at least 2 years. Additionally, all drivers go through a complete background check and drug test. Most of our dedicated drivers have approached us directly as word of our company and its success has traveled fast in the driver community.

All new Alliance Freight drivers go through a two-day orientation program where key principles such as safety, customer service, positive attitude, and attendance are instilled to insure that all new employees are clear about what it takes to succeed in their jobs.