Full service warehouse and logistics service company

At Alliance Freight we are an experienced full service warehouse and logistics service company. Our team is lead by people that care. From our warehouseman to the company ownership, our background experience and our dedication to our clients, make us different from the competition. We understand that we help you make your company statement. Every customer is important. Your company will see the detail in our customer service. At Alliance Freight, we have built our reputation on providing the best-quality customer service. This dedication has enabled us to provide unsurpassed customer service to our customers and theirs. We offer short and long term warehousing, for small to large businesses. We have our own logistics fleet, with a variety of sizes and styles available to handle all of your transportation needs. We also offer many special services to help you serve your clients better.

We offer:

  • West region distribution
  • Import Freight
  • E-commerce fulfillment
  • Value-added warehousing services
  • Retail pallet configurations
  • Southern California cross-dock services
  • Expedited unloading

Need warehousing space in near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach?

Whether you need a Los Angeles public warehouse or dedicated, long-term warehousing support, Contact Alliance Freight to discuss how our warehousing services can meet your needs.

West region distribution

Most Alliance Freight customers use us as their west region distribution center. We combine warehousing with local and regional trucking to serve your customers in the region.

Import Freight

Complete solution, from drayage to final delivery. Specialty in expedited container unloading.

E-commerce fulfillment

Alliance Freight helps mid-sized companies fulfill products from their web storefronts.

Value-added warehousing services

Fast, efficient product conversion, from simple labeling or ticketing to complex light assembly and manufacturing.

Retail pallet configurations

Single product and mixed product pallet configurations to retailers' specs.

Southern California cross-dock services

System supports cross-docking of containers on either a per-product or full-container basis.

Expedited unloading

We've turned container unloading into a science, using a team approach that cuts unloading time but still maintains high levels of accuracy and labor efficiency.

Product conversion services

Customize product to your customers' exact requirements.

Drayage services

Secure yard

Accommodates up to 150 containers.

Container control

Your product is most vulnerable to theft right after it comes off the ship and before it is unloaded. We create a detailed log of every container, inspect its contents, and log every outgoing container.

Cross-dock services in Los Angeles

Cross-docking can eliminate storage charges and cut freight costs through consolidation.

West coast distribution

Many Alliance Freight customers have warehouses outside the region and use Alliance Freight as a satellite warehouse for west coast distribution. By diverting a percent of imported freight bound for west region customers, they avoid unnecessary freight hauls to and from inland Distribution Centers.

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